World Teachers Day

5 October every year: Celebrating teachers worldwide.   

This is the day to celebrate the unique and vital role of teachers, in every country and continent of the world. Each year has a different theme - the theme for 2012 is 'Take a stand for teachers!'

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Ideas Exchange

An Ideas Exchange for Teachers

Friday 7th February, 2013 in Cyberspace

This Ideas Exchange is a chance for STAR4Africa to bring Teachers enrolled on School2School together, via Skype to find out how their peers how School2School partnerships are working, to share their experiences and offer advice. The STAR4Africa team will work with Teachers to develop an agenda for the session. This activity will be repeated in 2014, and would be interesting to compare the two years and analyse what Teachers have gained from the sessions and how this has impacted on their school partnerships. 

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Children's Book Day

International Children's Book Day   Tuesday 2nd April, 2013

Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, 2 April, International Children's Book Day (ICBD) is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children's books.

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World Music Day

Celebrated on Friday 21st June each year

World Music Day is a day on which the world celebrates the powerful gift of music. The Fête de la Musique, as it was first know, began in France and has since become a worldwide phenomenon with over 32 countries worldwide having their own celebrations. World Music Day is a wonderful opportunity for School2Schooler's to learn about the world music, particularly the sounds and musical influences of their international partner.

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