World Water Day

How much water do you EAT???

To mark this year's WORLD WATER DAY on the 22nd March 2012, STAR4Africa launched their World Water Day Challenge! Schools and pupils enrolled on the School2School Programme were invited to complete the challenge of finding out how much water they EAT!

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World Food Day

In celebration of World Food Days, STAR4Africa has hosted a number of competitions and activities with pupils across our schools. The purpose of these activities was to draw attention to Millenium Development Goal 1 - to halve world poverty and hunger by 2015.

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World Environment Day

STAR4Africa worked with schools in the UK and Africa to mark World Environment Day. Schools enrolled on our programme came together to participate in environmental challenges; designed by our team with the purpose of increasing environmental awareness and responsibility amongst students and teachers. These challenges emphasised that through community cooperation, we can make crucial changes in how we view and treat the world in which we live.

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