STAR Past Projects

STAR4Africa took the strategic decision in 2011 to focus increasingly on development education by providing opportunities for young people in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, the UK and Zambia to work together on activities and projects that promote global learning and human rights. Through the promotion of development education, we believe we can encourage creative learning processes that will enable pupils to explore a sense of basic rights and develop the skills to live in our increasingly interdependent world. Development education is also accredited for an increase in respect for social and cultural diversity as outlined in the UN Convention of Human rights. STAR4Africa is a member of The Development Education Association (DEA)which is a membership based organisation at the forefront of educating and engaging the UK public on global issues.

STAR4Africa is currently expanding its activities into the exciting realm of facilitating school linkages, whilst still not forgetting other ways of supporting communities which will allow our partners to be sustainable in the long term.

In the past, we have worked with several organisations and taken part in various development projects such as:


Baharini Pre-School, Kihoto village, Kenya

STAR4Africa assisted in the development of school facilities at Baharani Pre-School in Kihoto village, which benefited 106 children aged between 2-7 years old. Kihoto village was greatly affected by the post-election violence that took place in Kenya in 2007. A large amoung of children were orphaned and due to the cycle of poverty and violence, many parents were unable to take their children to school. Furthermore, the poverty in Kihoto has been exacerbated by the high levels of HIV and AIDS in the area. Baharani Pre-School offers free education and gives the children a daily meal which many cannot afford due to the poverty levels in this village.


Livingstone Women Make a Difference (LIWOMADI), Zambia

LIWOMADI is a grassroot Zambian NGO which works with vulnerable women and children in Livingstone to mitigate the effects of the nation's HIV and AIDS crisis.  STAR4Africa provides training grants for volunteer teachers at one of LIWOMADI's 6 community schools. The grants enable volunteer teachers to gain a Diploma in Education from the Victoria Falls University, thus quailifying them as legally recognised teachers. Previously one only out of 5 teachers at the school had any professional training. 


Mustard Seed Project, Kenya

in 2010 STAR4Africa partnered with the Mustard Seed Project in Kenya where we funded the building of a well in Mgongeni, a community in Mombasa.


Lady of the Garden, Rongai, Kenya

High-quality primary education has been one of the main priorities for STAR4Africa since its foundation. In 2009 we supported Lady of the Garden, a Kenyan NGO working with a rural community in Rongai, in the Masai territory. STAR4Africa assisted with the building of a school for pre-school children in the area.


The Assin Endwa Trust, Ghana

STAR4Africa sponsors 12 children in the rural Ghanaian village of Assin Endwa, in partnership with a local charity, the Assin Endwa Trust. The two charities cooperation has continued for more than 4 years and the aim of the project has been to increase the literacy in the area which is currently only thirty per cent.


The Children's Education Trust, Sierra Leone

In 2007, STAR4Africa worked in a partnership with The Children's Education in Sierra Leone Trust to promote education for disadvantaged youth in Sierra Leone.